Always Godlike ~ 常に神のような。

al•ways [awl-weyz, -weez]
1. every time; on every occasion; without exception
2. all the time; continuously; uninterruptedly
3. forever

god•like [god-lahyk]
1. resembling or having the qualities of God or a god; Devine.


Mission Statement

Always Godlike believes that anyone can be great, and that any obstacle can be accomplished no matter how difficult the journey.  We always encourage our memebers to do their best, not only during competition but in their daily lives as well.   We want our members to be proud of being a part of a team that has fun and doesn’t take themselves too seriously. AG member’s were brought together by common interests and a passion for the community.  With 13 established players,  we continue to grow strong.  We support everyone in the scene, old and new, and never forget it’s all for the love of the game.


Founders Annie Eagle / John Cosentino started this unique group with principles that provide their players to help one another, this allows the members to continue support the fighting game community.  Since AG’s incarnation Annie Eagle/Puccabuki has taken the reigns as C.E.O / Manager of Always Godlike.  John Cosentino/Kazi has stepped into the Media and Marketing position.  To contact AG for any project information please E-Mail us [email protected]  Also please take the time to check out the rest of our site including player profiles.


Always Godlike is a team of 13 eccentric players from all over the US.  Our members are based out of New Jersey, Philadelphia, Virginia, California, Georgia, Florida and Las Vegas.  We choose our members carefully to insure they represent the team’s common goal.  Currently AG is not recruiting players, as we have shifted our abilities to Sponsorships and Marketing.