What Size Skateboard Do I Need?


From the first sight everything is obvious. If you want a bigger board, ride it. If you want smaller one, ride the smaller one. But still thousands of questions arise about this issue and we will try to give you some answers, tips and advices here.

Skateboard decks sizes widely vary, but most of them are between 7”-10” sizes. There are some types of micro decks (between 6.5” and 6.75”), mini decks (with 7” width) and mid-size decks (7.3”), but they are suitable only for children of different ages respectively depending on their feet size. Let’s compare adult decks which are some of the most popular oneson concrete examples:

1. Size 7,75skateboard:

It is pretty skinny. If you have small feet, it will be easier to fleet on it, but not so easy to land on. It does flip very fast. It will be easier to spin on it than on the next ones.

2. Size 8skateboard:

It doesn’t have very big difference from the previous one, but only from the first glance. Actually, it’s much easier to land on it.The flip will be a bit slower though. It is probably the optimal size to fleet and land perfectly.


What size of skateboard is good for kids?


What Size Skateboard Do I Need?

3. Size 8,25skateboard:

The tricks will be possibly done slower than on the previous ones, but still it’s workable. You can double flip on it easier than on the next one. Tre flip will be also quite possible after a good training.

4. Size 9 skateboard:

It’s easier to land on such board simply because it is wider. But if you are not so tall and you go straight to this board, it can appear quite massive and it will be difficult to keep balance on it.

It is important to know and remember that it is much safer to fleet on bigger boards, but smaller ones will let you to do the tricks quicker. Nice advice is also to let yourself buy the one that you will feel comfortable on from the first try. Believe in your own feelings! Later with experience you will understand better what you really need.

This is now my very good advice .If you are willing to learn how to skate and try to do some tricks, you will be able to do those tricks on any of those boards, but we hope that you find the tips presented above valuable for yourself. It would be nice if you have a skateboard that suits you the best! You are worth it!